NAME - BitBar plugin to display chronosquirrel status


DESCRIPTION is a BitBar plugin for displaying chronosquirrel status in the MacOS menubar. It also provides a set of commands for changing the active task in a drop-down menu.

The current task status (taskname and task time) is displayed on the OSX menubar. If a task isn't active, then "Off Clock" and the time off-clock will be displayed.

Clicking on that display brings up a menu of the active tasks. Selecting one of those tasks makes that the current task. The menu menu is divided up based on billable and nonbillable tasks. Within each of those lists, the tasks are sorted by the tasks' ordering numbers.

The 1s in the name tells BitBar to run the script once a second. This causes the displayed time to be updated every second. The 1s can be changed to another time interval -- such as 5s for five seconds, 21s for 21 seconds, 8m for eight minutes, or 1d for once per day. If once every second is too fast, then changing the script name will alter the frequency as desired.

NOTE: is only intended for use with BitBar. It may be used from the command line, but there isn't really any benefit to doing so.

OPTIONS takes no options.


Wayne Morrison,




Copyright 2018 Wayne Morrison

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