chronosquirrel - task-based time tracking


  chronosquirrel [options] [taskname]


chronosquirrel is a time-tracking program, that is based on tracking the clock-time spent on particular tasks. It manages krons, which are records of time blocks used for a particular task. Task start time and task end time are recorded, so that current tasks, as well as tasks from times past, may be tracked and reported. Since chronosquirrel was originally written to manage time charged to clients, it separates the concept of billable and nonbillable time.

chronosquirrel manages a set of krons stored in the kronlog file. kron blocks may be started or closed, and they are assigned to particular tasks. Current (open) and previous (closed) krons may be displayed.

chronosquirrel was designed to have a minimal impact on the system. There are only three files needed: chronosquirrel itself, the kronlog file (a regular file used to store time records), and a configuration file. No DBMS, no database files, and no nonstandard Perl modules are required.

This man page primarily describes the options required to use chronosquirrel. A very complete, detailed description of how to use chronosquirrel is provided in the Chronosquirrel User's Guide, available at


At a high-level, the arguments to chronosquirrel define the actions that may be taken. All of chronosquirrel's functioning is self-contained; there are no other programs required to use it.

Almost all the operations are invoked by running chronosquirrel with the appropriate option. However, if chronosquirrel is run without an option then the action take will depend on if a taskname was given on the command line. If taskname is specified, then one of the following will be done:

If an option and a taskname are not specified on the command line, then a status entry will be displayed.


chronosquirrel takes the following options:


~/.chronosquirrelrc - Configuration file for chronosquirrel.

~/.kronlog - Time records are stored in this file.

~/.kronlog.bak - Time records are stored in this file. Up to 100 backup files can be created, with a numeric suffix -- ~/.kronlog.bak.00 to ~/.kronlog.bak.99. If the logfile has a different name than ~/.kronlog, then that will be used as the basename.

~/.kronlog.tmp - Temporary file used when saving fixed log files. If the logfile has a different name than ~/.kronlog, then that will be used as the basename.


Chronosquirrel User's Guide


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