epoch - Displays the raw epoch time of the last modification for the named files


  epoch [options] <filenames>


The epoch command displays the raw epoch times of the last-modification time for the named files and directories.

If no files are given on the command line, then the contents of the current directory will be listed.

If a directory is given on the command line, then its contents will be listed. Normally, epoch will not list files whose names begin with a dot (.) when listing a directory. This may be overridden with the -a option.

epoch follows the behavior of ls in following symbolic links. Options allow control of this behavior.

Output is always one line per row.


The following options are handled by epoch:


List directory entries whose names begin with a dot, as well as other entries.


Directories are displayed as regular files; their contents are not displayed.


Symbolic links on the command line are followed. This is the default behavior.


If a command-line argument is a symbolic link, the link itself will be listed rather than the node the link references. This option cancels the -H option, reverting symbolic-link behavior to the default.


Displays a usage message.


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