fnlen - displays info on filename lengths


  fnlen [options] <file1> ... <fileN>


fnlen displays the lengths of the filenames listed on the command line. If no filenames are listed, then the files in the current directory will be given. If the -d option is given, then the command-line arguments will be assumed to be the names of directories, and name lengths for the files in those directories will be given.

This was written with the assumption that the arguments will be file names. However, those arguments can be any strings for which the user wants string lengths.


fnlen takes the following options:


Copyright 2016 Wayne Morrison

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Wayne Morrison,


This script was originally written in Perl for a purpose that has been lost in the depths of time. While working to learn bash, I decided it might be useful to convert the Perl version to bash. It might not be very useful for actual use, but it helped in learning bash programming. There are undoubtedly better ways this could be written, but this was primarily a learning exercise.