ovacron - Egg timer


  ovacron [options] <sleeptime>


ovacron is a countdown timer. After a specified amount of time, ovacron "beeps" the terminal.

If the sleep time isn't given, then ovacron will sleep for three minutes. The sleep time may be given in minutes as a number or a number followed by an 'm'; for example "5" or "5m". The sleep time can also be given in seconds as a number followed by an 's'; for example, "120s".

By default, a countdown will be displayed. The -quiet option will prevent this from happening.

If you have a command-line music player, you can set two internal variables to play a tune when the timer expires. The $musicbox variable should be set to the name of the command-line music player. The $tune variable should be set to the path of a sound file. If these are not set or if the sound file is not found, then ovacron will not play a tune.


The following options are handled by ovacron:


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