wcls - shows line counts for sorted files named on the command line.


    wcls [options] 


wcls shows line counts for files named on the command line. A line is defined as any number of characters followed by a newline character.

wcls is a front-end for what is effectively a ls/wc pipeline. The wc command performs the actual line counting. The ls command provides file lists and some selection and sorting functionality. Without any options, wcls will alphabetize its list of files, since that is how ls presents the files.

Several file-selection options are pass-throughs from wcls to ls. These allow selection capabilities provided by ls to be available to wcls. These options are -c, -f, -t, -u, and -U. Any precedence or overrides among these options are determined by ls.

The ls command has two file-sorting options whose functionality is provided directly by wcls. The functionality is implemented in wcls, but it matches (in character) the functionality of the ls options. These are the -S and -r options.


wcls takes the following options:


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ls(1), wc(1)