Wayne Morrison

I have worked for over 30 years doing research in the fields of computer security and network-infrastructure security. I have worked as a developer and trust engineer at security research and consulting companies. (While I've worked for six companies in that time, most of it has been in one research group that's been sold from company to company.) I have extensive background in software development, security analysis, and developing new tools and technologies. I am experienced with projects consisting of DARPA- and DHS-sponsored research, product development, consulting for other companies and organizations (e.g., USC-ISI, IBM, and Systemhouse), and internally funded research.

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I've written many tools for my own use, whether for work or personal use. Source and documentation for these tools are collected here, linked below. In particular, I use chronosquirrel, clbc, dirstack, and oldjobs all the time.

In addition to this, I also play English concertina and bagpipe for the group Port Righ. We focus on Scottish traditional music, but stray into Irish, Manx, Galician, American, and Scandinavian music -- not to mention sea chanteys and madrigals. Really, whatever good music catches our fancy is fair game.